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Ben Affleck As Batman Might Not Be So Bad

CNN: The last time Ben Affleck played a superhero, the world cried.

The year was 2003, and the movie was "Daredevil" -- a Hollywood fail that even Affleck has insinuated he'd rather forget.

So is it any wonder that within hours of Warner Bros. announcing the actor was going to play Batman in the upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel, Twitter immediately tried to recast the part using the hashtag #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck. (Suggestions have included "the drunken hobo who lives under the overpass," the dog from "Air Bud" and "Manti Te'o's girlfriend.")

But in the eyes of some critics, the 41-year-old Oscar winner may not be such a bad choice.

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ajax173023d ago

He's good, but he's too flat of an actor to play a superhero, let alone Batman.

TheHergulaX3022d ago

haha... and by what statistics, or proof, do u base that opinion off of?

Ben Affleck is a great actor by any standards.

Leio3022d ago

He is a great actor yes but his inability to stay away from shitty movies is worrying

RedHawkX3022d ago

daredevil the movie he was super hero and lawyer. just as long as he isnt cheery he will be all right.

TheHergulaX3022d ago

@Leio - Well I agree with that, but let us give him a fair chance... I mean it could go either way, as he might fail or succeed. But saying that he is a "flat" actor is simply untrue.

Also, let us not forget that fanboyism plays a large role in people not wanting Affleck to play the character, just because they don't believe he will be able to pull it off. But Christian Bale was able to pull off Batman even though there were tons of doubters as well.

I just feel that we need to be fair, not judgemental.

Deadpool6163022d ago

I think they announced this way too early. I was expecting to see some pictures or footage to go along with whoever they choose. I would've much rather have just seen Batman in the new costume before I knew who was playing him, for I could ease into the idea. Studios just don't know how to handle things smoothly though.

ironfist923022d ago

WB is really dropping the ball on trying tio establish a good film universe for its DC characters, unlike Marvel who have executed it near perfectly.