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Top 5: Better Batmen Than Ben Affleck

So, the bat is out of the bag and the man that’ll be stepping into the sizeable shoes of the Dark Knight, in 2015′s Man of Steel sequel, is none other than Ben Affleck – a controversial choice, to say the least. The internet is ablaze (figuratively) with emotion, with a lot of negative juju being thrown in the way of poor Mr. Batfleck. I don’t think he’s the worst choice but that’s another opinion for another article, the point of the day is that there were better choices out there… At least 5, in fact. And holy coincidence, Batman, here they are!

To read all about who I think should have played The Bat in the 2015 crossover movie, click the link!

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RetrospectRealm3022d ago

"Better Batmen". Technically, you should only be able to list people who have already played Batman.

kevinodonnell913022d ago

I see how it could be interpreted that way but it made for a much catchier title, I explain the point of the article in the intro.

Sandmano3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Good choices. Wes Bentley seems like the best out of the 5.

steven83r3022d ago

Wes Bentley would not be on anybody's list if not for Nolan saying he wanted him to play Batman. Most notably is Hunger Games. Doesn't really make you batman material. But as Nolans pick i would say yes since he does have that look.

TricksterArrow3022d ago

"Wes Bentley would've been a good choice".

*tries to understand why. Doesn't, so keeps reading.*

"Nolan said so and because he looks like it [ Never mind that he did a pitiful job being a remarkable villain in P2 or even a comic book character in Ghostrider having the screen presence of a rock]".

Man, people should really stop kissing Nolan's ass. The guy is an amazing director but he is not the first nor the last to direct a good Batman movie. Can't we all just hope for the best and see if the guy fares well as the character? Geez... I certainly don't EXPECT much, but I'm leaving enough room for doubts and good surprises.

NewMonday3021d ago

actually like the casting of Ben Affleck

he has gotten better in recent years

that serious mood he had in The Town convinced me he can pull it off, the look of Bruce Wayne and the presence of Batman, the right age as well.

plus he is a comic geek

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gigoran3022d ago

I could answer this question with just one.... ANYONE ELSE!

SilentNegotiator3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Better Batmen than Affleck #6,000,042,001:

TheHergulaX3022d ago

Disagreed completely.

Ben Affleck actually makes sense.

ajax173022d ago

Josh Brolin would be cool

VitaOwner3022d ago

Ben Affleck would play a great Bruce Wayne and a horrible Batman.

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The story is too old to be commented.