Dinobots Scene to be Filmed Today for Transformers 4?


Rumored to be appearing in Transformers 4 earlier this year, we've received word that the scene the production will start shooting in Chicago today may indeed involve the Dinobots! The filming is expected to take place at McCormick Square. It may be a while before we would actually get to see the Dinobots in robot form, of course.

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FullMetalTech3017d ago

Im hoping they dont butcher the dinobots in this movie.

DarkBlood3017d ago

i remeber the 3d cartoon, arent dinobots some form of error from whereever they crash that turned both autobots and decepticons into animals?

vitorizzo3017d ago

are you thinking of beast wars? because thats totally different. the dinbots in the original show were made by the sutobots.

DarkBlood3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

yes Beast wars lol, im not entirely sure why i pitted transformers to it lol

Sandmano3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Yep you man beast wars which an amazing show. If you whatch it today you'll still enjoy it.

The transformers in that are not the original ones, it's long after the events of the original. The maximals are the auto bots and predicons are the decepticons. If I remember correctly the originals are long gone. The maximals escape and enter a time warp with the predicons on their tail they crash land on earth millions of years in the past and discover that earth is basically filled with energon. That's why they take on forms of the animals because their robot form cannot take the energon radiation.

I recommend anyone remotely interested in transformers to watch the show its just brilliant.

DivineHand1253017d ago

These Dino Bots are different from the ones in beast wars. These were autobots that were that were altered with the purpose of creating transformers that could take allot of damage and dish out massive of damage on their opponents. However the consequence of doing this was that their minds regressed into a primal state and made them somewhat mentally unstable.

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hazelamy3016d ago

i hope they can make their Grimlock as badass as the one from the Fall of Cybertron game.

ironfist923016d ago

How are they going to explain how alien robots from lightyears away take on the form of extinct animals from earth?