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Star Wars Episode 7 to be Shot on Film by Dan Mindel

From BFFC:

Announced today at a film industry event in Los Angeles, we're exclusively reporting that cinematographer Dan Mindel ASC, BSC is shooting Star Wars Episode 7 with J.J. Abrams — on 35mm film. Specifically, Kodak film stock 5219.

At today's event in the ASC Club House, the cinematographer discussed his first work with J.J. Abrams on "Mission: Impossible 3." During a viewing of the dailies (a standard review of what was shot the day before, whether or not on 35mm film), a mistake lens flare caught the eye of the director. Dan showed him how they are created, which led to lens flares galore in "Super 8" and the recent "Star Trek" films, the latter of which Mindel lensed.

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darklordzor3020d ago

This is kind of neat to hear. If that's the man's preference I say go for it. I like the digital format, but also feel that a director needs to work in whatever they feel the most comfortable with.

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