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TVF Royal Pains Review: Birthday Wish

My birthday wish for "Game of Phones" was an episode that delivered on its promises, along with a compelling storyline.

Better luck next year, Royal Pains?

I guess that's not much different than the huge bag of nothing that Evan received for his big day. Then again, it was very much his own fault. Evan's grandiose expectations cut him off at the knees before he even got up to walk.

Shouldn't someone have caught on to his constant repetition of Divya's words about going to Tuscany in the first place? I don't think it could have been any more obvious that he was trying to hint at something.

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alycakes3026d ago

This was just a so so episode and not one of it's best. Evan is so annoying he's always that way. I guess all shows have someone that gets on your nerves.