‘Rambo’ TV Series In Works; Is Sylvester Stallone In Talks To Reprise Role?

Deadline: Entertainment One has teamed with with Avi Lerner and his Nu Image to develop and produce a television series based on the hugely successful Rambo feature franchise. According to the companies, Sylvester Stallone is in negotiations to be involved with the project on a creative level as well as potentially reprise his role as the original Rambo. EOne and Nu Image plan to develop the series and shop it to broadcasters in the U.S. and internationally.

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ajax173030d ago

This is so ridiculous. I've never seen any Rambo movie, but how could they possibly turn it into a tv series?

jordan84453030d ago

How could you possibly know or call it ridiculous if you've never seen any Rambo movie. Also who has never seen Rambo??

RetrospectRealm3030d ago

haha You're talking yet you haven't seen any of the movies... ok...

ajax173030d ago

All I meant was I thought they finished the his story with the sequels... Sheesh. I do want to them now.

Lord_Sloth3029d ago

The movies are all stand alone that focus on the same character. A series would be simple. Just focus on the exploits of John Rambo and his various campaigns. They can do 1 campaign per season.

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alycakes3029d ago

Well I have seen all the Rambo movies and I think this is a little too much...Can't they think of something new and fresh? Why does it always have to be a blast from the past?

Lord_Sloth3029d ago

The world could not handle that level of awesome.

vivid833028d ago

I think it would probably be set before the movies