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J.J. Abrams Releases Mysterious New Teaser Trailer


J.J. Abrams just released to EW a teaser (video below) for a new project from Bad Robot. What project? We asked, but he’s not telling. At least not yet. Is it a new film? A TV series? A digital endeavor? Let the speculation begin! (And let us know what you think.)

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Crazay3029d ago

Before anyone reports this - It's labelled as culture and with no name tag because a) we don't know if this is a movie or series and b) "Stranger" is really just a title for the promo.

RetrospectRealm3029d ago

hahaha Fake us out with those stars. Damn you JJ. Lol

b163o13029d ago

Highly doubt they'd be promoting SW 2years before its scheduled release. Good thought thou..

tristanwerbe3028d ago

that is all I can think of you never know though I can see how it could be star wars but it looks more like a horror flick cause of the end

hazelamy3028d ago

for some reason, it made me think of Robinson Crusoe.

though the guy's hair does remind me of Sayid from lost, and the voiceover does use the word lost.

oh JJ you such a tease.

lastofgen3028d ago

it's got LOST-like consider me excited.

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