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3 Movies You Should Have Seen This Summer

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "2013 was all about range and delivering movies for all audiences with all sorts of budgets. For some reason the big budget blockbusters didn’t end up fairing as well as some of the smaller titles, which means box office analysts and critics alike have been blasting so many good films strictly for their budgets and not so much their quality."

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KingPin3027d ago

the lone ranger - utter rubbish. too much like pirates. didnt enjoy depp playing captain jack sparrow playing tonto. just didnt work for me. absolutely butchered everything the lone ranger was known for. even mocked his signature "hi-ho silver, away". pathetic really.

pacific rim - great special effects, ok action, predictable story and very very repetitive. all the fight scenes seemed exactly the same. after the first one, the rest of the time you sit there thinking "but i seen this before".

wolverine, i never watched so cant say.

man of steel - after watching superman returns, anything thats not that would be a major improvement.