Tusk and its Implications

Stop reading right now and listen to a back episode of Kevin Smith’s “Smodcast” Podcast entitled “The Walrus and the Carpenter.”
Gamevolution writes that assuming you actually listen (and you should. Aside from the Emo Kev and Teddy Bear Picnic episodes it’s one of the best on record,) you’ll get to actually hear the creative genesis of a film in real time. When the credits roll on Tusk, Smith’s third “last film,” fans will have watched an idea undergo every stage of its metamorphoses, from its inception to its production, to its release, with the film itself serving as the journey’s climax. This brings the way we’ve been consuming film since pop-culture moved online to its logical conclusion. Our Tusk experience doesn’t begin with the first teaser, or with a leak of the screenplay, or with a rumor about the casting of Quentin Tarantino and Michael Parks. It starts with Kevin Smith, high off his ass, cracking jokes with his friend and longtime producer Scott Mosier, riffing on some weird shit they found online. Am I crazy, or does Kev keep just keep wandering into new artistic frontiers in the course of doing whatever the hell he wants?

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