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The Ships of Star Wars Captured in Poster Form

If you love the space ships from George Lucas’ Star Wars saga then you’ll surely appreciate the artistic stylings of Vesa Lehtimäki, who is a fan of that far, far away galaxy.

Vesa recently released a line of Star Wars oriented posters that feature some of the more iconic space crafts from the original films, which is just fine for a Star Wars purist. The prequel ship designs are actually some of the better assets to come out of that dark era of Star Wars storytelling, but the original trilogy crafts featured in the posters below definitely sell the look that made this series such a hit with geeks in the first place over 30 years ago.

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hazelamy3021d ago

it's weird, the Tie Fighter and Slave 1 are clearly the Lego versions.
the other seems to be either models or toys.

anyway, cool posters.

i think the X-Wing would be my first choice for my wall though.