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13 Horror Characters Who Should Have Died But Didn’t

Best Horror Movies says Is there such a thing as justified homicide? Well, when it comes to horror films there certainly is. No one wants to see a picture’s most offensive, annoying or ignorant character make it to see the credits roll. They don’t deserve that kind of treatment. But sometimes it seems filmmakers really want to mess with our heads, leading the loathsome down a path of fortune. Do these characters really resonate on paper? Is this actor a friend of the director? These seem about the only logical reasons why you’d allow someone who – by all horror rights – should die a gruesome death make it all the way to the end.

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Best-Horror-Movies3029d ago

Busta Rhymes in Halloween Resurrection would be my top pick

level 3603027d ago

They prostituted Pinhead of Hellraiser and the series went into a very quick downhill from about the fifth sequel ( Inferno ) till the ninth ( Revelations ).

Trunkz Jr3027d ago

Danny Glover in Predator 2, horrible person for lead role...

I seriously feel that when you enter a spaceship armed with a predator weapon and that ship is full of predators that you honestly should not make it out alive....

Even Arnold in the first one was pushing it with his run 500m to escape 1K self-destruct blast, but at least he played his role well.