Obi-Wan Kenobi Set To Return In ‘Star Wars: Episode VII


After I ran the story about the return of Emperor Palpatine as a Force Ghost in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII,’ I found out shortly thereafter that well, it looks as though Palpatine might not be the only one coming back in a spectral form. Also returning from the netherworld of the Force is Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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Crazay3032d ago

Makes sense to me that they Bring him back. Especially if Luke is going to have any form or role in the movie.

tristanwerbe3031d ago

no this is getting weird next thing they say Darth Vader is back

Crazay3031d ago

Well....technically that wouldn't be much of a stretch since he'd be one with the force and all that jazz. I don't think that anyone, is even remotely thinking that they're be back flesh and bone. To have some of the greatest JEDIs that all played a role in what was probably the galaxy's greatest battle, make sense as long as they stay ghosts mentoring or guiding someone/something.

Blacktric3031d ago

They're doing what Lucas did with Attack Of The Clones at this point. Using nostalgia as a means to "make a good movie", which never ever works since it's just basically pandering. Stop shoehorning every goddamn character from the original trilogy. And how they still whore out Darth Vader is still pathetic (he's set to make an appearence on ESPN on some random day for no goddamn reason whatsoever).

Screw Disney.

ScepticTankAvenger3030d ago

Vaider does appear as a force ghost to one of his descendants to ward him away from the darkside. Star Wars has a lot of masters reappearing as force ghosts in the comics.


I think this is the first Star Wars movie that won't have a visit to Tatooine !

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TXIDarkAvenger3031d ago

If he appears as Obi-wan, then he better be a ghost. This pretty much goes for anyone else who died in the 6 films.

JediDiah3030d ago

"Latino-Review" and we wonder why racism won't stop.