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The Star Trek Movies, As Ranked By Star Trek Con-Goers

From Badass Digest:

This weekend I was in Las Vegas for the annual Creation Star Trek convention; I'll have more to say about that in a longer article, but first I wanted to share with you one of the highlights of my trip: the ordering of Star Trek movies from best to worst.

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darklordzor2822d ago

I can't believe fans came up with this's ridiculous. For one, there's a film on this list that's not even a Star Trek movie; it's freaking Galaxy Quest! Also, Star Trek Into Darkness is far, far from the worst film in the franchise.

TwistedMetal2820d ago

I liked the 2 newest star trek movies then all the old ones. especially star trek. that intro where his dad saved everyone and died on the ship was epic as well as the warping into a warzone. you guys cant tell me those moments are not the pinnacle of any and every star trek movie. I mean those were like wow this is star trek wow moments and there is other moments im missing as well though.