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‘Palpatine’ Will Return (But Not As A Clone) in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’


Last weekend perhaps the biggest news out of the D23 Expo was the lack of ANY NEWS from “Star War: Episode VII.” The fans had every right to boo Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn when he said:

“I do wish I could tell you more but there are dark forces. And they are watching.”

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darklordzor2824d ago

Curses, I was doing this one at the same time!

I could see this one happening, and it's exactly how we wanted it to be (as we talked about on the other thread). I think this could be plausible.

Crazay2824d ago

Yep. No question about it.

NewMonday2823d ago

did Disny address the expanded universe? will they ignore it and treat at as non-canon?

DarkBlood2824d ago

so there was a sort of behind the scene story going on in the background in return of the jedi thats how i assume from the article that they are going to play at?

darklordzor2824d ago

Yeah that's what it's sounding like and that would make perfect sense. That's what Palpatine has always done, even in the Prequels he did a lot of apprentice hopping.

DarkBlood2824d ago

your right he did, hell even the apprentices were training thier own and planning betrayals lol

RetrospectRealm2824d ago

Either way your link wasn't the original source.

Anyways, I completely agree with you. :)

darklordzor2824d ago

It's just kind of funny to me that this is essentially a rumor spawning off another unconfirmed rumor. Perhaps it's time for Disney to start sharing information...

problemchild842824d ago

Dark Forces. Wasn't that the title of one of the video games? A good game if I remember correctly.

coolbeans2824d ago

Yep. There was Dark Forces I and II.

problemchild842823d ago

Yeah, that's right there was two of them. Perhaps they will follow the story from the games somewhat.

hazelamy2824d ago

if they take elements from the expanded universe, a clone of the emperor is not outside the realms of possibility.

and they had a whole clone army in the movies.

tristanwerbe2823d ago

This is interesting, if it is in fact him in the flesh not flashbacks or backstorys, if its true than that means Annie was not the CHOSEN ONE and either his son Luke is indeed or someone else..