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TVF Rizzoli & Isles Review: Don't Mess With Hockey Moms

Talk about a very bad day. Carla Dalton's couldn't have gone worse. On the verge of finding her nephew after a 12-year investigation, she ended up getting punched in the nose by an bad tempered hockey mom... and then she had her throat slashed with a skate hook.

"Cold as Ice" was the perfect way to describe her killer.

At first I questioned why we needed to see quite so much blood during the murder scene, but then it made more sense as we watched Frost grow queasy over the body. That's got to be quite a detriment for a homicide detective.

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alycakes2829d ago

The beginning of the show got me hooked (no pun intended if you watched). Great episode and didn't quite know what was really going on until about half way thru.