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Independent Cinema - Crystal Fairy Review

Independent Cinema writes: In a trend that seems to have stemmed from the rumors years ago that Michael Cera was the one preventing season 4 of Arrested Development from happening, every film seems to want to make Michael Cera into an unlovable douche. This year’s This is the End (Review here) turned him into a cocaine-addicted womanizer, and in the latest season of Arrested Development, George Michael is kind of a jerk. Sebastian Silva’s latest comedy sheds the womanizing aspect of This is the End‘s Cera, and keeps the drug addiction as a means of explaining his insensitive ways. What happens is that Crystal Fairy becomes an endurance test of how much longer Jamie (Cera) can be an ass before things catch up to him. The movie meanders, harps a little too much on Jamie’s insensitivity, and has quirk that honestly does not feel like it belongs in this film.

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