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Warner Bros Reportedly Offering Christian Bale All The Money To Play Batman

BAD: Let me tell you a little something about Warner Bros and Batman post-The Dark Knight Rises: they have no idea what they're doing. They definitely went after Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a big way to reprise his role as John "Robin" Blake*, but that was before Batman vs Superman became a thing. When Batman vs Superman happened they started putting together a list of guys - mostly in their 30s and up - who they would like to see don the cowl. But all along, according to The Sun, they've been trying to get Christian Bale back, and they've offered him $60 million to return.

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tristanwerbe2827d ago

While that would be cool it would be odd in terms of the dark knight story, see they are kinda messing up hear sadly

RetrospectRealm2827d ago

Agreed. Not to mention it'd ruin the impact of the ending of TDKR completely.

TheHergulaX2826d ago

Well, honestly, the impact wasn't as great as u make it out to be. It was kinda lackluster to be honest. Bruce Wayne was Batman for barely a year, so the ending makes very little sense in the first place.

Returning would make more sense than anything...

blackmanone2826d ago

Agreed with Hergula. Wayne comes back, JGL can be Robin, as they originally set it up to be.

DarkBlood2826d ago


heres the thing i have a problem with bale returning or putting him in the same universe as man of steel

1- we cant use the same joker
2- bane cant be used again

3- theres no fantasy elements in that nolanverse thus wouldnt make any sense what so ever

4- we wont get the science fiction stories for a solo film for which we know would never happen with bale's batman

5- a reboot of batman is going to happen anyways and its going to be all kinds of crazy stuff going on

so why not peddle him in the man of steel universe instead of seperating it and having an even larger fanbase bigger then you and i questioning why the *lack of a better phrase* cooler batman isnt in it instead of the realistic batman.

simply had the nolan trilogy worked out any other way i would of been ok with bale as batman but in this case im not.

PSVita2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I disagree. If you've ever read comics, pretty much anything can happen epsecially when crossing character universes. They could easily set it years later. In the dark knight part 2 animated movie batman fight superman at like 60 years old.

BlackPhillip6662826d ago

This would make perfect sense there is no better actor than Christian Bale for the role.

Deadpoolio2826d ago

ANYONE literally ANYONE would be a better batman than Bale....He wasn't better than Keaton, and Hell I'd rather have Adam West back as Batman right now than have to suffer through more Bale Batman...The Cowl sucks, his voice sucks...The Nolan universe sucks in general with the more "real" grounded crap Bane will never be back, will never see Joker or any sort of Harley, two-face is gone and things like the Lazarus pit will never be possible.....Hell in the "grounded" reality they would NEVER have a poison ivy, Penguin most of the things that make Batman....Batman, the dude didn't even have gadgets he half ass karate fought everyone and google searched things....Joker wasn't even really joker he was just some guy who smeared makeup all over his face

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

"ANYONE literally ANYONE would be a better batman "

Great, get Lindsay Lohan on the phone then...

"He wasn't better than Keaton, and Hell I'd rather have Adam West back "

Bale was definitely better than Keaton & West. Keaton smiled waaaaaay too much and West was,, well West (no offence to Mr. West).

"The Cowl sucks"

Now you're just nitpicking...

"his voice sucks..."

eh i'll give ya that one.

"The Nolan universe sucks"

Millions of fans would gladly disagree

"the more "real" grounded crap Bane will never be back,"

Why does Bane HAVE to come back exactly? Batman has a pretty big rouges gallery you know. Also the "grounded crap" did wonders for Bane, just re-watch Batman & Robin. *shivers*

"will never see Joker or any sort of Harley, two-face is gone"

Other villains in Batman's rouges gallery blah blah blah blah blah

"the Lazarus pit will never be possible"

We got Ras' Al Ghul for TWO MOVIES! Ain't that enough??? Heck we even got Thalia!!! lol

"Hell in the "grounded" reality they would NEVER have a poison ivy,"

Just because superhumans were never introduced, doesn't mean they never will. Two-face's facial burn wasn't exactly "grounded in reality", neither was the whole Dark knight cellphone sonic spy trick thing. If aliens like Superman & godesses like Wonder Woman can be introduced into TDK series "realistically", Poison Ivy would be a piece of cake.

"Penguin most of the things that make Batman"

Why exactly can't Penguin appear? He's just a mobster with a bird fetish. Is it the bottle in the eye thing???

"Batman, the dude didn't even have gadgets he half ass karate fought everyone and google searched things"

Yes he did, you were just expecting Adam West gadgets like an entire raft in his utility belt. Granted the fight scenes sucked but those can be/an probably would be improved. Not sure what your problem is with google, Bing sucks.

"Joker wasn't even really joker he was just some guy who smeared makeup all over his face"


Bale wasn't an amazing Batman, but he's definitely the best we've gotten so far. Is there room for improvement? Definitley. My point wasn't to defend Nolan or Bale, but to point out the holes in your logic. If you've gotten this far in my wall of text then i thank you for reading. ^_^

WitWolfy2826d ago

Blondie you dont know anything.. Keaton was the best Batman.. PEROID, I wouldn't be surprised if you liked Batman & Robin too.

TheHergulaX2826d ago

I mean of course it makes sense for Bale to return, but it seems very likely that he wont...

RetrospectRealm2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

What he did for the city in the amount of time he was there was still amazing. Therefore, I have no idea what you're talking about.

And you're telling me Bruce finally finding happiness since his parents died and going away with Selena didn't make sense? It wouldn't make sense for him to come back at all since it would ruin the ending of TDKR. The ending was Bruce is finally at peace and happy.

Drekken2826d ago

You do know that Bale is not really Bruce, right? He was talking about the actor not the character he played.

And for the record - I would like to see and HEAR someone else playing Batman. His gruff voice really irked me.

SmielmaN2826d ago

I loved the Nolan movies, I loved Keaton's batman. But having batman fall in love with cat woman right after he just escaped from being paralyzed due to her double cross made no sense at all other than to give the movie a happy ending despite all the city falling to pieces.

And batman NEEDS joker

TheHergulaX2825d ago

Well lets be honest, what he was able to do for the city was great and all, but it was during a short span, and after the events in The Dark Knight, he gave up the Batman persona all together for quite some time, leaving the city to fend for himself.

Yes, I'm telling you that Bruce finding happiness with Selena does not make sense. You got to admit that TDKR ending was a bit rushed, and they tried tying all the loose ends together with that ending scene. Also, I would have much rather have TDKR end with Bruce still being tormented by everything that is wrong in Gotham, and instead of seeing him happy, we see him watching down on Gotham, ontop of a Gargoyle statue as the music plays us out.

Now try telling me that wouldnt have not been a way better ending.

darklordzor2826d ago

I could see them throwing this amount of money at him, but there's no guarantee that he'll accept. I wouldn't mind seeing him come back.

Adva2826d ago

The story can work out.
So what if Batman villains were grounded? Things can change and super powers can be introduced just like what will happen in Arrow.
I firmly believe continuity is possible even though it was not the original intention of the Dark Knight trilogy.

Heck, while in hiding/self exile B.W. reads up about alien invasion. He starts investigating and decides to come back again to fight. The world thought B.W. died in the Bane occupation, but he just escaped and decided to come back.

CraigandDayDay2826d ago

Agreed 100% I like that idea man. I can't wait to see the Justice League movie one day!!!

Deadpoolio2826d ago

Yeah NO your idea for Bane does not work...HE WAS SHOT WITH A rocket in the chest, it exploded....No amount of armor is going to save you

Adva2825d ago

But i didn't say he lived? B.W.= Bruce Wayne.

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