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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’: Vin Diesel Talks Possible Groot Role


Is Vin Diesel really going to play a talking tree? That’s the question some of the actor’s 45 million followers began asking Sunday after Diesel posted a picture on his Facebook page of Groot, an alien creature featured in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the latest Marvel property to get the big-screen treatment.

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Crazay2833d ago

bit of a dickish attitude by him eh? Granted we dont actually HEAR the context in which he makes the statement that he "can do whatever the fuck he wants to" but still.

tristanwerbe2832d ago

uh I meant to put a smiley

Crazay2832d ago

Errr....what?!? I was making a statement about Vin. Not you

Crazay2832d ago

HAH...Alright then...I still stand by the "dickish attitude" statement I made though.

tristanwerbe2832d ago

but you don't even know me