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Bryan Cranston Considers Playing Lex Luthor


Casting rumors for the “Man of Steel” sequel have ramped up online, with speculation swirling about who will play Batman and main Superman villain Lex Luthor. Given his career-defining run as the good man gone bad — with a shaved head, to boot — on “Breaking Bad,” it’s no surprise that Bryan Cranston is the main name popping up. So how does Cranston himself feel about the idea?

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DarkBlood2829d ago

well i dont know about this, but then again thats just how it is with unusual people for famous roles

im still rooting for Michael Rosenbaum to be lex luthor in sequal though lol

Crazay2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Really eh? Why do you think he wants back so bad? personally, I think it's because his acting career has floundered since he left Smallville. Granted he has made his lion's share of $$$ but he's not exactly in the rumored talks to be playing many roles these days.

Granted I'm not fully on board with Cranston playing another bald bad guy(?) but they could do a helluva lot worse.

DarkBlood2829d ago

well its either that or someone who looks like the anime counter part or injustice if you played the game?

now i know looks dont give a shit as proven by the nolans batman casting which is a good thing that proved us wrong on these kind of things

but one can only go so far with that kind of ideal

it is this reason i have no problem with Michael Rosenbaum being lex again despite there already being 2 smallville casters in the man of steel lol

As a smallville fan you might find a bit of tiny fanboyism with this statement

MilkMan2829d ago

Thats the BEST casting news I've heard all year.

RedHawkX2829d ago

i beleive he can do it but first say his name. i said say his name!!

hazelamy2829d ago

i would love to see him play Luthor.

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