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Collider's Under The Dome Review: “Thicker Than Water”

Under the Dome has the maddening ability to set up something good and then ruin it in execution. The fight over water rights could have been an opportunity for this stupid town (and look, they really are) to wake up and actually consider the fact that they need to organize. The groceries and marts have been looted, but so far no one seems to find it pertinent that they look to agriculture as an answer, save for Big Jim. Also, he and Ollie talk a lot about the future crops to start the episode, but from my limited understanding of biology, most things don’t grow overnight. Aren’t the townspeople the least bit concerned about how to feed themselves in the meantime? Hit the jump for more on why “it’s the bitch’s own fault she’s dead.”

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alycakes2822d ago

Very interesting show. Some episodes are really good and others fall short.