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Leaked Footage: X-Men: Days of Future Past Teaser Trailer


Come watch the leaked footage of x-men days of futures past

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Crazay2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

They sound like they've been sucking helium in this capture. LOL

On a more serious note, from what little I've seen of this new movie, I think Bryan Singer is doing an awesome job. This is fast moving up my list of must see on release day movies for next year.

DarkBlood2827d ago

lol thought that was gambit at the 33 mark

DarkBlood2827d ago

damn it why did it have to end i wanted to see more lol

DarkBlood2827d ago

got that right dare i say looks to be better then the wolverine movie lol and i like that one alot

iamnsuperman2827d ago

I think I am actually crying I want to see it that badly. Dam. That was one perfectly executed trailer

RedHawkX2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

im not that impressed i think all the old actors gonna mess it up. i like the first xmen first class. i think they changing it up to much and gonna make this movie more like xmen 1 and 3. in xmen first class you can feel the emotion and everything just worked i mean magnetos emotions. the xmen actually felt like xmen. i just hope this film is not gonna be like the original trilogy and more like the first class.

hazelamy2827d ago

damn, you gotta be quick to catch these leaked trailers.
i was too slow. :(

dead_eye2826d ago

try this

or click on the main pick


It's the same link. it isn't the full trailer but it's something

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