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Jack The Giant Slayer Review | GES | Director Brian Singer (X-Men, Superman Returns) brings the age-old fairy tale of Jack and The Beanstalk to life in an action filled movie called Jack The Giant Slayer.

The movie stars Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies, X-Men : First Class) and Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting, Star Wars) as Jack and Elmont, the leader of the Kings Elite Guard. The two heroes set off on an adventure of a lifetime when Jack inadvertently opens a link between Earth and a magical land where Giants rule with an iron fist. Jack finds himself knee deep in trouble when he comes home from the market with a bag full of magic beans, instead of the money his father told him to bring back with him. After an unfortunate turn of events, Jack must not only brave heights and Giants to find his house but he must also save the princess, with whom he’s fallen in love.

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