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Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9 "Blood Money" Review/Recap| GeekedOutNation

Finally the anticipation is over my favorite show is back on TV i, I think we can all agree that Breaking Bad is arguably one of if not the best show out there today. And personally for me it killed me that I had wait an entire year to see the next season. After watching last season’s cliff hanger episode I had so many questions that i hope would get answered this season. Like where does Walter White go from here now that he has no one that’s in his way? Will Jessie find out that Walter killed Mike and where does this already rocky relationship go for there and most importantly will hank ever get off the toilet? Just kidding, but seriously how will Hank deal with the fact that he had one of the most powerful drug lords sitting under his nose the whole time and not realize it. The big question among all it is how will it all end? With those questions being asked makes up for a compelling final eight episodes.

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