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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Review | Metal Arcade

Metal Arcade: Zack Kircher writes:

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters fails to improve on its predecessor’s missteps, featuring forced humor and disappointing action sequences.

It seems that nowadays movie studios are trying to find the next Harry Potter. Whether that potential cash cow may be a fantasy, science fiction or action franchise, Hollywood is noticeably making an effort to find something that can replicate the success Warner Bros. had with the J.K. Rowling novel series. Back in 2010, 20th Century Fox tried their hand with Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series with a film based on the first novel, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. While it was a solid commercial success, it didn’t receive the greatest praise from both critics and audiences. The studio is apparently still hopeful, as now a sequel is in our midst – can Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters improve on its predecessor’s missteps?

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