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'Iron Man 3' Deleted Scene Offers More of the Mandarin

USA Today

So far, Iron Man 3 has been the biggest movie of 2013, and Sir Ben Kingsley turned in arguably the summer season's biggest bad-guy twist.

For those wanting more of his intriguing take on the comic-book supervillain Mandarin, the Blu-ray release of Iron Man 3 (out Sept. 3) features a deleted scene where the Mandarin communicates with one of his operatives before going on TV and delivering a creepy message to the world.

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tristanwerbe2800d ago

this is cool but I have seen the original script of how he really was before they did they "SPOILER" it was not bad but slightly disappointing

Lord_Sloth2799d ago

You mean Osama-Bin-Manderin and not the Giga Chi Wielding Martial Artist right?