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Guardians of the Galaxy Comic-Con Footage Leaks


Finally, the first bit of footage from Guardians of the Galaxy that was screened at Comic-Con and the D23 Expo has now leaked online in low-quality. While it's not the entire vid, check it out after the jump!


CBM pulled their link - here's a new one

Videos can also be found here if the above goes Kaput

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Crazay2831d ago

Wow...some of that footage looks pretty nice and well finished. Feels like they just started making the bloody thing.

RetrospectRealm2830d ago

That's cause this is the Comic-Con footage that was premiered at Comic-Con only 12 days after beginning shooting. So they did JUST start making it.

Crazay2830d ago

Once again, I bid you thanks for the obvious master tips. Good day to you sir.

RetrospectRealm2829d ago

Obvious? You didn't seem to realize that while making the first comment.

ifritAlkhemyst2829d ago

Dude, you need to learn how to read.

Crazay2829d ago

As in, it's amazing at how fast they manage to finish off some minor bits of footage to put together a sizzle reel like that. Move along dude. you're bordering dangerously close to turning into an N4G troll.

tristanwerbe2831d ago

Looks awesome about time the got some action in film

RetrospectRealm2830d ago

As a side note, I see you speeded into getting this approved since the link no longer works...

Crazay2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

As a side note, I still see the video link working and how would I "speed" it into getting approved exactly? It was posted yesterday, video went down, i pulled it, found a new source reposted. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Another link in case

JuJuRMJ2830d ago

Movie looks great, hopefully it will end up great as well! Thanks for posting.

cell9892830d ago

Wow!! Rocket Racoon looks awesome!! Can't wait for this one

FullMetalTech2830d ago

Yeah i have to agree. He really does look great. I think hes gonna be the character that stands out the most in the film.

RedHawkX2829d ago

wheres the second trailer footage. i remeber on another site someoone had another video of guardian of the galaxy but it was takin down. you can tell this is only half the footage as this foottage doesnt end with the logo etc

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