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Days of Future Past's Trasktastic Viral Marketing Campaign

Hear me out. First of all, we have Peter Dinkilage, Game of Throne’s own Tyrion Lannister, as Bolivar Trask, C.E.O. of Trask Industries and creator of the genocidal Sentinals. Second, and most importantly there is the return of Bryan Singer, a director that seems to actually understand what this franchise ought to be. The fact that Singer chose to adapt Days of Future Past to film is telling. It gives Singer a clean, convenient, wibbly wobbly timey wimey way to make a “convergence” sequel in the style of The Avengers without the benefit of this having been the plan for The Wolverine, First Class and Brett Ratner’s reprehensible X3 from the beginning. It also gives Singer the opportunity to not only tie up loose ends, but to redeem Ratner’s aborted attempt at filming the Phoenix Force arc in X3 with Cyclops dead twenty minutes into the movie and the Hellfire Club completely absent. He can do this by doing another classic X-arc right. I’ll say it again: Singer gets this franchise, and...

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