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Sean Young Thinks You Should Boycott The Blade Runner Sequel If She’s Not In It

BC: Sean Young has been speaking with various outlets this week to promote Jug Face, a new horror film that she stars in alongside Larry Fessenden, but she’s not limited herself to just talking about that film.

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RetrospectRealm2832d ago

Lolwut She's dumb. I mean, it'd be cool if she's in it. But boycott it if she's not? Come on.

ajax172832d ago

I know, she seems a little full of herself. She's acting like a teenage girl that's been dumped and can't get over it. No wonder Ridley doesn't get back with her; she's crazy!

medman2831d ago

Sean Young is in a movie called Jug Face? How appropriate. The drugs and drink have destroyed her.