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Ray Park Hopes to Return in New 'Star Wars'

THR: "Phantom Menace" and "G.I. Joe" actor says that he would "lock myself in a cabin" for the chance to play Darth Maul one more time.

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darklordzor2831d ago

I really hope so too! I like how they brought him back in the Clone Wars show, and think it'd be interesting to see what would go on with him next.

RetrospectRealm2830d ago

A lot of people don't like TWC though, so I don't know how they'd make up for that in the film for those who didn't watch the show.

darklordzor2830d ago

Honestly, I don't think it'd take all the much time to explain in a new film. I mean, just throw some cyborg legs on him, and a lot of people would put their own pieces together of the puzzle. That's how they did things in the original trilogy. They didn't explain how Kenobi was able to come back and instruct Luke as a ghost, people sort of figured it out.

RetrospectRealm2830d ago

Yeah, but there's way more to the story than that. Last we saw of Maul he was being electrocuted by Sidious.

darklordzor2830d ago

This is why I'd much rather see him in that rumored Maul/Kenobi spin-off movie than any of the numbered ones.

RetrospectRealm2830d ago

Oooo. I like your thinking. Darth Maul Vs. Obi Wan in a movie set between Episodes III and IV.

darklordzor2829d ago

Yeah, how freaking sweet would that be? Then they could use the numbered films to move forward without having to bring in any Prequel characters (which would be weird and raise the question of what they Hell were they doing during the OT?), but still give the character an awesome big screen return.