Mel Gibson Confirmed as the Bad Guy in 'Expendables 3'


Bruce Willis may be out of The Expendables 3, but Sylvester Stallone continues to enlist reinforcements. In addition to adding Harrison Ford, Stallone confirmed today that Mel Gibson, who’d long been rumored to join the project, will in fact, play the bad guy in the upcoming sequel. Also coming aboard: Stallone’s Assassins co-star Antonio Banderas, who Stallone called “a consummate actor and a gentleman” in a statement announcing the news.

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Hergula1899d ago

Of course he will play the bad guy... couldn't see him playing a good guy at this very moment.

coolbeans1899d ago

Seems like easy cash for him since he doesn't need to practice getting in-character for a villain role.

Lord_Sloth1899d ago

Mad Max versus John Rambo! PLACE YOUR BETS!!!