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The Lone Ranger, whoa they really went digging for this one dint they, the lone ranger aka John Reid was created all the way back in the 1930′s, brave and as old school as it got he always shot silver bullets and never aimed to kill always shooting the guns of his opponents hands he was followed around by a brave Indian named tonto

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RetrospectRealm3405d ago

You realize "Yippee ki yay mother f..." is from Die Hard, not a Western movie...

MrGunny943405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

Hello mate, my Editor doesn't have an account in Filmwatch, so I'll reply you with his comment :

Well yeah of course, I know It's from Die Hard what kinda of a movie critic would I be if I didn't knew it, but where do you think Die Hard got it from ? That's right Roy Rogers old western singer or even older than that depending who you ask, It's a typical western phrase way before John Mclaine used it.

(Yeah Die hard added the mother fu... part)

KingPin3405d ago

this movie is a 2 at best.
they absolutely ruined the lone ranger.
if you take it as a western, then ok, it was a 6 but if you going to base it on the lone ranger, its a 2.
the humor was flat. too much like pirates. ever told someone a 5 year old joke that they heard before? you know how they don't find it as funny, that could be said about this. they tried too hard to stick to the pirates formula and it just doesn't work.
another thing, anyone noticed how depp keeps rehashing captain jack sparrow in almost every movie since pirates? whats up with that. depp is a talented actor. im sure he could find new ways of acting a different character. the last thing i wanted tonto to be was depp playing jack sparrow who was playing a native american. coz thats what it was.
and why the hell is the theme song only in the last 10 minutes of the movie? in a 2.5 hour movie, they give the title track 10 minutes.
and how do you mock a characters catch phrase. that for me was just the killer. its like elvis presley saying "thank you, thank you very much" and someone says don't ever do that again. dafaq?!

seriously, as a lone ranger movie it was complete rubbish. as a western, it was meh at best. would i advise people to watch it in the cinema, not a chance. pirate it and watch it, yeah.