Jon Chu Isn't The Frontrunner For Star Trek 3…But We Know Who Is


A big rumor has been circling the ‘net that Jon M. Chu (Step-Up 2&3, G.I. Joe: Retaliation) is the current top contender to sit in the directorial captain’s chair for Star Trek 3. While this bit of information has rightfully been met with groans from most, we here at Cinematallica warn you to not get too upset just yet. According to an industry source, Chu’s name might be on the list, but he is NOT Paramount’s #1 choice to replace J.J. Abrams as the rebooted series’ helmsman. So why all the hubbub? While our source couldn’t confirm one way or another, it seems entirely likely that Jon’s name has been leaked as a prospective choice in order to coax their actual primo draft pick into finally signing a contract. So who’s the real golden boy?

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darklordzor1990d ago

It's amazing how fast rumors come and go. This one was within hours. Maybe it's about time to wait things out on websites and see whether or not something is actual news.

Crazay1990d ago

everyone seems to claim to know someone who knows something or someone else. Part of the interconnected worldf we live in where news and rumors spread within seconds instead of days/weeks.

blackmanone1990d ago

I don't know how much are rumors these days. I have a feeling most is concocted by bloggers looking for some quick hits.