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We Know Who The Top Contender Is To Direct ‘Star Trek 3′

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While Star Wars fans are pleased with J.J. Abrams directing “Star Wars Episode VII,” where does that leave Star Trek fans? J.J. Abrams said that he may still direct “Star Trek 3,” but that may not happen for a long time, since he is currently working on “Star Wars: Episode VII,” which is slated for release in 2015.

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Crazay2835d ago

I think I could live with this decision, It's just too bad that JJ won't be directing because he's done such an awesome job. As long as Ocri and Kurtzman do a bang up job with the screenplay it should be awesome.

2835d ago
blackmanone2835d ago

Can't say I've enjoyed the JJ films. I'm no purist, but they seemed to lack everything I enjoyed about Star Trek. Too bang, bang, pew, pew. I can see him rocking Star Wars for that reason, but in Star Trek it fell flat for me.

STID would have been better had Khan remained John Harrison and been about Section 31. Instead we got pew, pew, insert bad guy everyone thinks is Khan, bang, bang, reveal enemy as Khan, more bang, wrap it all up with a hackneyed scene with reversed Kirk and Spock for no reason whatsoever to the plot, and finish up with some bang.

First one I at least enjoyed. Second one I could find no redeeming value in

darklordzor2835d ago

I guess I'd be okay with this. I wasn't all that impressed with Retaliation. Though it was far better than the first film, it was a pure entertainment film without any real substance behind it. I'd like Star Trek to be great cinema along with being entertaining.