The Playlist Review: Brit Horror-Comedy 'Cockneys Vs. Zombies'

The Playlist:
Has there been anything of worth in the world of zombies in the last five years or so? It feels like the last time the walking dead were relevant was Edgar Wright’s savvy send-up “Shaun of the Dead,” with a footnote to the genre being the angry politics of George A. Romero’s “Land Of The Dead” and the popular success of empty-headed ventures “World War Z” and “The Walking Dead.” There’s no shortage of zombies in the mainstream now, and the novelty of another skin-snacking apocalypse has worn off. You really need to bring a new gimmick to the table if you’re going with zombies. Hence, one-joke premises like “Cockneys Vs. Zombies.”

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alycakes1902d ago

I think the rating is a little harsh. It's just suppose to be funny and old people trying to run and fight zombies has to be funny if you think about it.

Garethvk1902d ago

It was hard to watch at times yet fun camp at others.