Chloe Grace Moretz Would 'Kill' To Be In 'Star Wars'

MTV: Back in the pre-J.J. Abrams days of "Star Wars: Episode VII" rumors, there was a small item floating around that when Matthew Vaughn was up for the job, according to /Film, he pitched a female-centric story with "Kick-Ass 2" star Chloë Grace Moretz in the lead.

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RetrospectRealm2368d ago

I couldn't embed the video here either. No embed code to be copied.

darklordzor2368d ago

I imagine that most people would kill for such an opportunity.

coolbeans2367d ago

Get in line with about everyone else in Hollywood.

aDDicteD2364d ago

it would be unlikely, they might cast an unknown actress to give episode 7 a fresh start but i wont be surprised if she gets any role in the film because chloe is a proven actress and starred in solid films.