The Best Stephen King Television Adaptations

Best Horror Movies says ' To be fair, for every Dreamcatcher there’s a The Mist. For every Riding the Bullet there’s a 1408. King’s had a fair number of high quality transfers, no doubt about it. We’ve put the shine on King’s big screen work in the past, and now it’s time to outline the greatest made-for-television works to crawl forth from the Stephen King library!"

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hazelamy1907d ago

i am so looking forward to seeing Under The Dome, the book was amazing.

Bathyj1907d ago

The Stand its my favorite. Great actors bringing great characters to life. A true epic book is very fleshed out in a way that couldn't be done in a 2 hour movie. Seen it many, many times. Even watched the whole thing in a continued 6 hour stretch once.

StarWarsFan1906d ago

Under The Dome is pretty damn solid.