Ryan Gosling 'Star Wars' Rumor 'Not True' According To Representatives

Huffington Post:

A new report about Ryan Gosling meeting with J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm to discuss "Star Wars: Episode VII" has been denied by the stars representatives.

According to the film site Latino Review, Gosling met with the "Star Wars" production team to discuss playing Luke Skywalker's son in the highly anticipated sequel. "This is not true," Gosling's reps wrote in an email to HuffPost Entertainment. (The Latino Review story also makes mention of Zac Efron as another possibility for "Episode VII." An email to Efron's representatives has not yet been returned.)

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darklordzor2279d ago

Not surprised in the least. I love him as an actor, but the casting seemed odd for a Star Wars movie, they normally go for lesser known actors.

coolbeans2278d ago

True, but that 'catching lighting in a bottle' routine didn't really work out for some particular choices in the prequels. Perhaps they're trying to avoid that this time around.

RetrospectRealm2279d ago

Damn it. Was really hoping on this one.

aDDicteD2276d ago

if ever it was true, i wont be surprised because he is a great charismatic actor and would add star power to the franchise, when i heard about the rumor i was more concerned on zac efron rumored on being attach to episode 7 because i cant picture him out in a star wars film.