Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt Appear in New Edge Of Tomorrow Posters

LGN: "Warner Bros have issued a couple of brand new posters via SDCC for Edge of Tomorrow, a scifi action movie starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, depicting the two main characters in combat frames."

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Whatsupdog2818d ago

I'll watch almost anything with Emily Blunt in it :-D

medman2817d ago

All you need is kill was a fantastic name for this movie. The edge of tomorrow sounds very generic. I understand why the name was changed, but I think the title of a movie or book should excite the imagination. This movie no longer does that.

TheHergulaX2817d ago

I feel the exact same.

"All You Need Is Kill" is a brilliant title for a movie, yet USA seems to like simple things, like a very generic title like "Edge of Tomorrow". Give me break, All You Need Is Kill is million times better.

alycakes2817d ago

I don't understand why they go and change the name of a movie after all this doesn't seem to fit anymore and the other title just did so much more for the film. They do this all the time to other movies.