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Is The Conjuring Really Based on a True Story?

There are a number of elements in The Conjuring, and each can be taken in turn to examine the truth or fiction associated with those elements. These include: The Perron family – did they actually exist and experience a haunting? The Warren couple – are they in fact known paranormal investigators and did they actually work with the Perron’s on a haunting? The haunted house itself – the the old farm h

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Deku-Johnny2683d ago

How can it be? It's based on like ghosts or demons or something. Those things don't actually exist.

bigrob9042683d ago

i find it funny you got dislikes for stating something that is obviously true.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Well we don't actually know this to be truth..

This would mean when u die u don't exist on any level. How do we know this?

Ever been dead?

Opinions and beliefs are not fact.

Why is that hard for people to realize?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

also I am not saying the movie is real I just saying I dont know what happens after this life.

At least accept that u know nothing lol.

Tell me aliens are not real. Who knows?

Bimkoblerutso2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

"This would mean when u die u don't exist on any level."

It doesn't mean that at all. It would mean we don't die and turn into malevolent clouds of ectoplasm that terrorize the living.

There has never been any documented proof that ghosts exist (only counter-proof, in fact), but then we're getting into the old religious standby here: "I will think something up and you prove to me it doesn't exist."

Mr-SellJack2683d ago

U must be an Ath..athis.,.Atheist!spirits are real,they're called ghosts by mostly by fudging murica!the ever evolving nation that is careless about religion,aswell as demons ...p*stars,heavy metal bands are some examples.I?keep saying that letter until u have unveiled it,atleast try some research b4 giving up.

bigrob9042683d ago

i call bullshit on anything that says a ghost is hunting a place. if thats the case ghost would be hunting everywhere. think about it, people have been living on this planet for about 200,000 years, thats means more than likely people have died in the place you are standing many times. so that means there should be a ghost hunting my street right now because most likely somebody got murdered here, or some bodies are buried here or some shit like that. but nope, nothing of the sort, or in any of these so called places that are hunted, i've been places. religion is eroding people's minds. seriously, ghost? i cant have a serious conversation with somebody who believes this. this is coming from someone who thinks one day people will be moving shit with their minds, so i'm pretty openminded.

slimpickens2683d ago

I find it funny people agreed! How can you say something doesn't exist just like it doesn't? It's just strange how some people think they know and understand everything when really they know nothing.

Soldierone2683d ago


To add to your comment, wouldn't hospitals be the most haunted places if haunting were real? I mean people die there every day, you'd assume these people that see ghosts would find great evidence at hospitals. Yet we never hear about ghost stories after people visit hospitals.....

BluEx6102683d ago

The spirits would haunt the place only if it suicide or had a tragic death. Natural deaths don't cause a spirit to haunt a place. Sometimes, spirits can't move on.

If you don't believe in spirits then that's fine. No need to get angry about it. I was once like you guys, not anymore though.

OT : I doubt this is based on a true story though.

Soldierone2682d ago


I'm not angry at all, simply asking questions about this stuff.

However to say something bad didn't happen at a hospital? That stuff happens too. Also why does it have to be bad ghosts? I'm sure there are people that really had no home or place to go that died at a hospital that would like to "hang around."

I just don't understand why someone would die at a hospital then have their spirit go find a house or place to haunt instead of just sticking to the hospital.

coolbeans2682d ago

"If you don't believe in spirits then that's fine. No need to get angry about it. I was once like you guys, not anymore though."

This probably should have been the first comment to spare any vitriol regarding topics like this.

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MEsoJD2683d ago

It's sad that you actually got 6 disagrees, but it's ok because superstition, myth, and religion die a little more each day as technology and skepticism grow.

SirBradders2683d ago

Although the website looks crap the story is definetly an interesting one.
I work with south africans who are the hardest bastards ive met and one guy swore blind ghosts where fake until one of his family drove through this place one day (bearing in mind the trip was regular enough).

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Best-Horror-Movies2683d ago

I bet we see a sequel or this becomes a new franchise of hauntings based some what on true stories.

jordan84452683d ago

Can't wait to see this, Wan is a great director.

Best-Horror-Movies2683d ago

Wan has really made a name for himself. It will be interesting to see how he does with non-horror movies.

Plagasx2683d ago

Rather him stick to horror.


saw it tonight. ..excellent movie.

RE_L_MAYER2683d ago

I have seen toys/tvs turn on and off on its own, dog barking at an empty spot on the wall-nothing else all depends where you live and if people died there

hollabox2683d ago

Very scary movie, heck this movie should have been called the Evil Dead instead of the remake.

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