Comic-Con Pilot Previews: The Tomorrow People, Almost Human, The 100, The Originals

Continuing with their yearly tradition at Comic-Con’s preview night, Warner Bros. unveiled four new pilots from their 2013 Fall lineup: The Tomorrow People, Almost Human, The 100, and an encore screening of The Originals. This year’s pilots carried an overall running theme of a futuristic world. From humans with superpowers, human-like androids, a post-apocalyptic Earth, and vampires, the preview pilots managed to appeal to a wide range of viewers while still staying within a central genre. Overall, I was pretty impressed by some of the shows, especially those I went in having low expectations. Hit the jump for more on each pilot.

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alycakes1920d ago

I've already seen clips on the Tomorrow People and it really looks like a show I'd watch. I've heard of Almost Human and the Originals but haven't heard of The 100...have to look that one up.