Robert Downey Jr. To Play Pinocchio As Well As Gepetto In Ben Stiller’s New Adaptation

Bleeding Cool:
Do we really need another movie version of Pinocchio? Well, I don’t think it’s about necessity. While Disney’s animated version is a stone-cold classic and Luigi Comencini’s Italian TV mini series is pretty much essential too, there will always be room for one more on top if the work is well turned and the artists have found their own way in to the story.

A couple of years back, Tim Burton became attached to direct a movie based on a new, excitingly fresh Pinocchio script by Pushing Daises and Hannibal writer Bryan Fuller. At the time I singled out one climactic scene as indication of how Fuller had created new material for the story, and memorable stuff at that.

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alycakes1922d ago

That would be interesting to see. RDJ is very good though and if anyone could pull it off, he could.