Jurassic Park IV Teaser Poster Revealed?

From MovieWeb:

"Life found a way." Jurassic Park IV is nearly two years away, but with Comic-Con 2013 just around the corner, its quite possible that the long-awaited sequel will have a strong presence on the San Diego convention center floor. We've received word that a teaser poster is about to be released soon, along with a look at said poster.

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darklordzor1929d ago

It's about what you'd expect from a teaser poster being so far out from it's release. I could see them having this at SDCC this year.

RedHawkX1927d ago

i hope this jurassic park brings back the awesomeness from jurassic park 1. that one was the best!

aDDicteD1926d ago

the teaser poster is just to simple and nothing really yet is being given except some rumors here and there that the film will showcase aquatic reptiles.