What’s Wrong With Man of Steel?


Man Of Steel continues to polarize cinema goers and critics alike with valid arguments on both sides. Though it is by no stretch a terrible film, let’s take a look at what didn’t quite work with Warner Bro's and DC's most recent adaptation.

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KingPin1934d ago

i thought this superman was awesome.
i really enjoyed it. the story was good, the characters were played well. the fight scenes were good.
as for people saying there was too much action, when spiderman had more lovey-dovey scenes, people complained saying it was a waste of time. if this guy wanted a longer fight scene, wouldnt that make more action?

yes there are going to be loopholes, things they could have done better but no movie is 100% perfect. at least this movie was 10000000000000 times better than the hobbit. i couldn't find anything majorly wrong with it.

maybe you guys who watched the hobbit and thought it was good can answer this for know the scene where they were cornered on the trees on the edge of the cliff, gandalf sends the butterfly for help and it comes back with huge eagles which they jump on and escape..why dont they just call those eagles from the start to take em all to the castle and get the 3 hours cut down to 10 minutes? just asking.

but of steel was worth the wait. it lived up to the expectations i had for it. thank god the plot wasn't lame like having real estate fraud going on. and as for lex, they should only bring him in if they can make him as clever as the joker where he actually outsmarts the hero. not like the lex in superman returns.

Crazay1934d ago


Someone who agrees with me. It's nice to finally find someone who enjoyed Man of STeel as much as I did. You're never going to appease 100% of people who go see the movie, and I get that but you're absolutely right about how people find things to bitch and complain about.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1934d ago

Add me to the list fellas. I loved MoS. Saw it twice at the theaters and I'm eagerly awaiting a Blu-ray release. The wait for MoS2 is gonna be painful T-T

Also, Justice League :o,,,,,,,

Booyah1934d ago

Yep, I liked the movie alot. Eagerly waiting the blue-ray disc too. ^^

adorie1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I want to bite SuperMan's face. Chances are my teeth would shatter. :(

TwistedMetal1934d ago

that's what happened when you bit his dick lol.

cruxito1934d ago

woah i totally agree with you, whats funny is the ratings on the movie are way undeserve, movies like grown ups or powerful wizard of OZ get better reviews and yet are a waste of time!!!

thius movie was great, the best superheroe movie to date, sorry even better than Avengers in my opnion.

Chidori1934d ago

It was a good start to the series for sure, but certainly not a better movie than The Dark Knight which I think is perfect in every way. Avengers was a fun ride, with cool action and some laughs. It never tried to be anything else and I respect that. I wouldn't even compare it with Man of Steel because both are such different movies. MoT is more comparable with Batman Begins I would think.

-Superman-1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )


Sorry but i can´t agree with you.
First, action scenes were lame. I mean nobody really got hurt, it had very bad CGi and very shaky camera.
Which you perfer? Clean camera, action scenes like Avengers and Spider-Man, or shaky camera with overused CGI like World War Z or Man of Steel? I don´t know but action scenes were boring. What was point of fighting when it made no results at all?

13) Martha Kent too trusting of Lois before doubting:

- Upon first meeting Lois asking about Clark, Martha basically invites her in and gives away her son's secret when she tells Lois about Jonathan's death and his grave. But then later, when Clark stops by, Martha asks him if he thinks Lois could be trusted.

14) Superman saving Jonathan Kent while keeping his secret safe:

- Superman is so fast that he could zip away from a direct missile attack; So fast he could fly across the Indian Ocean on the other side of the world from Metropolis, topple a World Engine, then fly from the Indian Ocean back to Metropolis again before the military could even reach the Daily Planet. Yet we are to believe that Clark can't just quickly get the dog while he was still near the family car. Or even after Clark had taken his mom to safety, rather than run after his dad, he just stands back and watches Jonathan go running back to the car, try to unlatch the door, get trapped inside, let the dog out, witness a vehicle hurl towards Jonathan, see vehicle slam above Jonathan's car, watch him struggle some more, before getting out just to see him get sucked by a tornado.

15) Lois climbing some thousand foot Mountain in the North Pole:

- While the army and archeologists do nothing but send out helicopters to take images of the mysterious 18,000 year old ice/vessel while they sit below the mountain in their nice warm tents just marveling what it could be, Lois decides to brave the ice and actually climb the mountain herself to reach the Kryptonian vessel. Why the army/archelogists didn't hire her alludes me. Lois Lane = Wonder Woman part 4.

-Superman-1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

1) Superman on Earth's air vs Outer Space:

- Superman was so dependent on Earth's atmosphere that when he arrived in Zod's ship, whom according to Zod himself was filled with Kryptonian atmosphere, Superman himself started feeling week, trembling, puking, and then eventually fainted because his body was so dependent on Earth's air. Yet, before and after that scene Superman seemed okay flying into outer space at least twice with not a single sign of any ill effects.

2) Lois Lane surviving a Kryptonian Laser blast that kills Kryptonians:

- Earlier in the film, Superman enters the 18,000 year old Kryptonian vessel. He gets hit with a Kyrptonian laser whiplash that cuts open Superman's arm and he starts bleeding. Lois Lane, on the next scene, also gets hit by the same Kryptonian laser whiplash straight to the abdomen. The force of the blast was so strong, it knocked Lois against a wall, but she survives the blast as Superman saves her and destroys the droid. Later in the film, Lois gets a hold of a Kryptonian gun that shoots out the same beam that kills off super powered-godly Kryptonians with just 1 blast - Kryptonians that can withstand multiple missile attacks mind you, are no match for this laser... yet Lois Lane is. Lois Lane = Wonder Woman.

3) Kryptonians chasing Lois Lane around the Spacecraft:

Continuing above, when Jor-El converts Zod's spacecraft's atmoshpere into Earth's so Superman may regain his superpowers, and so that Lois can escape blasting her Kryptonian captives with above mentioned laser like a highly trained Agent, why were Zod's men chasing Lois around the ship like they had no superpowers. Clearly if Superman got his powers back, shouldn't the other Kryptonians?

4) Black Hole sucks in Zod's Ship and everything else but Lois Lane:

- The Black Hole created by Superman's pod was so strong that it completely engulfed Zod's giant ship, while at the same time sucking in vehicles and other debris including all the Kryptonians trapped in it's vortex... except for one Lois Lane. She manages to fall freely away under the Black Hole waiting to be saved as everything else gets sucked all around her. Lois Lane = Wonder Woman part 2.

5) Zod's purpose of taking Lois Lane prisoner:

- While in detainment, Lois was just locked up and served nothing else in the film. Lois later apologizes to Superman that Zod probed her mind in which she blames herself for the Kent's farmhouse being demolished, to which Superman retorted that it's not her fault and that his mind was probed too, so she shouldn't blame herself. If the writers had left out Superman being probed then Zod's action of taking Lois hostage would have had a purpose in the story, but the the writers didn't. So in other words, that whole scene of Lois' kidnapping was made to serve simply as a plot device by the writer in the story for Lois to meet Jor-El in order to conceive the idea to stop Zod and the World Engine.

6) Superman's Force just by taking off:

- Throughout the film when Superman takes off, the force is so strong that the ground beneath him trembles and even cracks, breaks, and even shoots out dust storms from the force, that in one scene he even warns Lois to stand back in one scene so she won't get hurt. Guess the writer forgot about it because in another scene after Superman rescues Lois, as they were locked in an embrac about to have a moment, Superman in a snap, suddenly takes off basically right next to her with, again, no ill effects. Lois Lane = Wonder Woman part 3.

-Superman-1934d ago

7) Jor-El's 18,000 year old suit for Kal-El:

- Superman at 33 years old getting his suit made by Jor-El in an 18,000 year old Kryptonian ship that crashed on Earth 180 centuries ago. Lots of stuff left out and left for the viewers, like Clark, to just nod our heads and just go with it.

8) Zod Terraforming the Earth to become Krypton:

- Zod not only wanted to rule the Earth but he also wanted to terra form it because he didn't want to have to "suffer years of pain adapting to its atmosphere." This is the same atmosphere that make him and other Kryptonians basically gods on Earth, and yet he wants to make themselves like earthlings. It's just not a good plan for world domination.

9) Superman breaking Zod's neck as the only option:

- "Why did Superman kill Zod?" That is the WRONG question to be asking. The real question is, did Superman even have to kill Zod in the first place? All it takes is for either: A) The family on the corner to move out of the way by going forward instead of continually inching to the right. B) Remember that Superman had Zod in a headlock in other words he had full control of subduing Zod which is the purpose of a headlock, so simply tilting Zod's head any other direction but right should do. Or Superman can basically just flying Zod in any other direction away from the family; tossing him works too - that's all they were doing to each other just the scene before that. In other words, breaking Zod's neck could have even been avoided.

10) Destruction in Metropolis, Rebuilt in the end:

- The City of Metropolis as a whole was in shambles practically billions of dollars in destruction including the Daily Planet. But the ending shows everything seems all fixed and built up again. Do we assume the ending took place some 3-4 years later for the city to completely finish rebuilding?

11) Army picking up Superman's Pod in the Kent Farmhouse:

- An army transport helicopter arrives holding Kal-El's pod. Question, how did they get it? The last scene before that shows Superman arriving at his home to witness the carnage, almost at the same time Lois Lane arrives with the police escorting her. At this point, the pod was still housed inside the Kent farmhouse... but now with police and army surrounding it. Shouldn't take long for the army to deduct that the guy with glasses named Clark Kent, whose farmhouse the pod was taken from, who by the way also looks like Superman is... which brings us to...

12) "Clark"... Superman's Identity:

- Besides what happened above, Lois basically calls Superman "Clark" twice out in the open when cops are present. The army's satellites knew where the Kryptonians were landing, with cops arriving by the Kent's farmhouse. Not to mention the dozens who had witnessed and know Clark perform superhuman feat. Understand if this was the 50's, but the type of information gathering this decade has now? Explanation hopefully will be in the sequel, until then, good luck with those glasses.

jammy_701934d ago

The film was ok but it's far from perfect, was quite boring in places

jammy_701934d ago

The film was ok but far from perfect, was quiet boring in places

coolbeans1933d ago

If you're going to nitpick a movie at least place the numerical order properly or have them all make sense.

Roughly half of your complaints aren't even actually critiquing:

#1: Earth's 'atmosphere' is something else entirely than saying Earth's 'air.' You're talking about someone being pounded by the weight, atmospheric pressure, and such of an entirely new planet to him (outside of being there as a baby for a few days)

#5: They hinted the notion Louis could have been a valuable commodity to probe before then (see how she's the only one who knew Superman's whereabouts reported on the news)

#6: This is getting pedantic to the point of being pathetic

#8: ? You're forgetting the part of them not being able to handle it whenever their battle suits/masks are disengaged.

#9: Oh brother...

#10, #12-#15: Some of those are either negligible fodder to move the story forward (like any movie like this does) or problems you didn't bother to think all the way through.

The fact you bring up rottontomatoes critic score (b/c let's ignore the users' score too) as some sort of proof against the film is just sad.

KingPin1933d ago

thank you for actually replying to "superman" comments.
i just stopped reading his comment after #4 coz at that point it seemed like he was just nitpicking the movie. guess he went in there with the notion of he isn't going to enjoy it and made a point of not enjoying it.

as for explaining half the stuff, glad someone had the time to point out stuff to him. he should watch the movie a few times to get why they did what they did.

funny though, he only points out one review that he agrees with. i could point out the ign review and defend that but then i'd look as sad as he does. anyways, just judging by his comment history, he does nitpick movies apart. just have a look yourself. if he watched the titanic he would be like

1) dont they have binoculars
2) who moved/lost it. why dont they show us that bit.
3) why didnt the ship have headlights
4) why were they going so fast if they couldnt see so far ahead.
5) why were they only half loading the life boats.
6) what did the love scene in the car do for the story.
7) why was the water ice cold.
8) why did the door come floating along conveniently when jack needed it.

yada yada yada.

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1934d ago
jbl3161934d ago

I thought Man of Steel was awesome too. I don't care what my brother or anyone else thinks of it, I like it and that's all that matters! Cannot wait for a sequel or Justice League movie.

DoctorXpro1934d ago

Remember when Superman saves the girl at the end and the black hole was sucking everything except her.... i feel the pain bro

ABizzel11934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I don't think it was a letdown, but I agree with a lot of the complaints about it. It was too long, there were too many flashbacks, his journey to the fortress of solitude was too longs, and the pacing was bad with the majority of the action crammed into the end.

However, the action was good, special effects were good, and most of the performances were well done and believable for the most.

As the video said it's a decent set-up for sequels, but in no way was Man of Steel "Awesome". It's a flawed, but enjoyable movie.

Azmatik1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I loved this movie i thought it was on of the best movies in a long time. I dont understand some of these points this guys trying to make? Giant squid thing what!? Did u even watch the movie if u did then ud know its a terraforming device to get the type if oxygen the enemies need and the non stop action is quite refreshing not enough movies i find have action like that.... in a action movie.... the reason of sending superman to earth was to show the people there is other life and to continue crypton life on top of protecting them.... supermans dad couldnt have possibly predicted zod coming back after thousands of years banished and actually finding superman its not like he knew sending superman there would put the people on earth in danger so that point is invalid too and imagine if zod did take over kryptonions and then decided to take over the universe then earth would have been royaly screwed compared to having superman there. And making the action more fast paced IMO puts a more realistic feel of how fast they are compared to slowing it down in fight scenes which is wayyyy to out played, not enough movies make action fast-paced which gives a nice feel of supermans point of view. 5/5 stars for me!

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