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Why Hollywood Is Setting Movie Release Dates 5 Years In Advance

TheWrap: ''Studios are escalating the tentpole race, claiming dibs on the best dates into late 2018 as big bets grow ever more important to the bottom line.

Why the unprecedented rush to nail down dates so far in the future? The studios were reluctant to talk on the record, but one need only look at this summer’s crush of big-budget superhero movies, sequels and animated films for the answer. They are plainly winning their bet on more and bigger tentpole movies, and winning so big that they’re doubling down on their future.''

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Deadpool6163374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Big Budget Superhero movies are currently the highest grossing movies around the world. With the proper treatment, they can produce a ton of profit. Especially dibbs on sequels. Even if the sequel is crappy, people are going to line up to watch it to see what went wrong for themselves.

I waited in line for hours to see Spider-man 3...oh how I want those hours back.