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FilmFracture Review: The Conjuring

Kathryn Schroeder of FilmFracture wrote:

"There are scary movies, and then there are SCARY movies. 'The Conjuring' fits into the latter category as it will undoubtedly frighten you to the point of laughter, make you squirm in your seat, cover your eyes, and wish you had left the lights on in the house because you will be afraid of the dark when you get home. 'The Conjuring' is the horror movie we dream of, because its a hark back to an older style of horror filmmaking, before torture, excessive blood and guts, and the like took over cinema screens, and found-footage too."

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Sahil2871d ago

Not knowing what will clap back would be horrifying, not fun! Really good write up though. Can't wait to see it!