10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Film

WGTC writes:Now that Man of Steel is out in theatres (and apparently tearing it up), it seems like a fitting time to consider what other comic book superheroes are ripe for a big screen rendition of their own. Now, we call this list “10 Superheroes Who Still Need Their Own Film,” but it’s probably closer to 50 because we’ve included a number of teams in the mix.

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hazelamy1994d ago

one trend that needs to die, putting these articles up over a dozen fucking pages.

one or two paragraphs per page?
you're taking the piss now.

Lord_Sloth1994d ago

Agreed. I hate sites like that. We should start reporting them so they can no longer post up articles.

andrewer1994d ago

Green Lantern...a real one.
I also agree with Wonder Woman, but would like to see some Flash in the big screen. I know Justice League movie will have him but would like something like Flashpoint (it's not only him, but hey, that shit is awesome).

RedHawkX1994d ago

we need the black greenlantern because there is no black super heroes. all we got was hancock and spawn.