Charlie Sheen Fired Selma Blair From 'Anger Management' Via Text

I’ve learned more details about Selma Blair‘s shocking dismissal from Anger Management. I hear Charlie Sheen “fired” her via text, in which he called the actress a “c–t”. And it was not the only abusive, expletives-filled text she had received from Sheen, who also serves as an executive producer on Anger Management. I also hear that Blair was not the only memCharlie Sheen Selma Blair Anger Management Feudber of the show’s cast and crew that was frustrated by Sheen’s work habits as I hear they would often sit and wait for hours for him to show up for work. Although it was Blair voicing her concerns that got Sheen to flip out and get her sacked. I hear Blair’s role as Charlie’s therapist will not be recast. Probably not coincidentally, I hear the series just sent out a notice about a new female regular who is expected to fill the void left by Blair. The producers likely will use Blair’s exit for another creative makeover following the recent tweaking following Anger Management‘s sagging ratings. But, while the show took an unplanned hiatus for the recent creative retool, it is now expected to stay in production as scheduled, with the writers making changes prompted by Blair’s departure on the fly.

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Baka-akaB2188d ago

Guess i might drop it then , she was half the show to me , the other half being the patients (both at Charlie's house and the prison)

aviator1892188d ago

She was great and all, but for me, Charlie Sheen is still the one who makes it interesting to watch.

Baka-akaB2188d ago

for me it was the patient and the banter between blair and sheen . On his own , or with the ex wife i dont find the hero interesting

SnakeCQC2188d ago

the silver lining might be that hellboy 3 has a chance of happenning

Lord_Sloth2188d ago

Man. I wish I had a job where I could show up an hour late, be a pain in the ass to deal with, and have everybody bow to my will while getting paid hand over fist to be a neusance.

SnakeCQC2188d ago

charlie sheen is a loser