TV Fanatic Teen Wolf Review: The Three Fold Death

Fireflies continued on a confusing Teen Wolf streak, as we had two relatively separate stories going on at once and the gang trying to connect them.

On one side of town, Scott, Derek and Isaac were tracking Boyd and Cora; while on the other Lydia's body was being used as a beacon of sorts to find a dead body, leading Stiles to get involved with the murders they at first thought to be werewolf related.

As things heated up in town, Scott turned to an unlikely source for help: Allison's dad. Mr. Argent was reluctant to help at first, but when he realized what Boyd and Cora were capable of, he couldn't let all of his training go to waste. Neither could his daughter. They worked autonomously, but without their help Cora and Boyd wouldn't have been captured.

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alycakes2853d ago

It was a little confusing at first but then I got it. This is getting really good and at least they have some help now.