Top 10 Martial Arts Actors | WhyYouShouldWatch

A list of the top 10 martial artists in RR's opinion, and the films their in that you should be watching

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Yi-Long2435d ago

... Jason Statham!? Really!? The guy is slow as hell, and just poor technique.

Matt Mullens has slightly better technique, but still pretty poor and slow.

If you were going for a mostly western list, where's Michael Jai White!? Where's Scott Adkins!?

Why anyone would leave out martial artists like Yuen Biao (better technique, flexibility and speed than Jackie), Tony Jaa (amazing skills), or some unknown dude called Bruce Lee, is beyond me.

Also, to list The Forbidden Kingdom as THE movie to watch from Jackie Chan, is just completely ridiculous. Everyone knows THE movie to watch Jackie as a martial artist, is Drunken Master 2. Original language of course.

Donnie Yen's best movies are In the Line of Duty 4, SPL, Ip Man (1).

Lord_Sloth2434d ago

I know! I don't get most of this list at all. Why not include names like Jeeja Yanin, Iko Uwais, Yanyan Ruhian, Michael Jai White, Scott Adkins, Tony Jaa, or Dan Chupong!?

Ryatta2435d ago

Its an opinion video, and not everybody watches the same artists, theres always someone better.

and yes the list is restricted to mostly western choices, but its made with the intention of introducing people to these arists and films, most people won't go and watch old or foreign films now... I know from trying to reccomend dragon wu xia to people