'Dexter' Launches Eighth and Final Season With Bloody Bash

"This ending has been planned for a couple of years, and every few months or so I kicked the tires and said, 'Are you sure you want to end? Are you sure you want to go?'" Showtime entertainment president David Nevins said.

The end is near for Showtime's Dexter, which officially kicked off its upcoming eighth and final season Saturday night with a fittingly blood-soaked premiere party at Milk Studios in Hollywood.

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alycakes2545d ago

It's going to be so sad to see it end but it would be even worst if he dies at the end....I know that it would be the perfect ending but still not right...not for his son.

Anthotis2543d ago

Deb killing Dexter seems the most obvious outcome, but this series does a good job of throwing people off and surprising them.

Baka-akaB2543d ago

I want him to escape justice and lives . Along with his sister . People will say it's to easy , but killing him "because killers should pay" is the easiest and most common tv trope